Sabbath friendly games florida
Below is a list of our Game Options and Keepsakes that are Non-Electric and Sabbath Friendly.

florida basketball pop-a-shot game
2 Players compete against each other 1-on-1. Attendant in referee shirt optional.

Football Toss
florida football toss game
This new Football version of the popular basketball Pop A Shot is a 2 player head to head Football Toss game. Toss the six soft mini-footballs through the Targets to test your aim. Attendant in referee shirt optional.

4-Player or Regular Ping Pong
4 player ping pong party game rental

4-Player Ping Pong:
A new twist on a classic. Player zones are color Coded. plastic bumpers replace nets. Players can hit the ball off these bumpers for more extreme gameplay. game is played with normal rules, or like box ball: Player in the yellow box is the #1 player and they serve until they lose a point. Once they lose a point they are out and the person in position #2 moves to position #1 in the yellow section and all other players rotate up one position. Each time a player loses a point a brand new player joins the game at Position #4. players rotate like this always trying to get to the #1 position. game can also be played as 2 vs. 2, or 3 vs. 1.
Dimensions: 102"L x 102"W x 30"H     Weight 330 lbs

Regular Ping Pong:
Killerspin Brand Olympic Ping Pong Table! 2-4 people can play.
Same table pictured is what you get!



Arcade foosball table with a tempered glass covered playfield (like a pinball machine) so kids cannot tamper with gameplay, telescopic handles for safety, and a ball guide so kids can not lose the balls or remove them from the game. This is the perfect foosball table for kids parties...100% kid proof!


Super Foosball
florida game rentalflorida game rental
florida game rental
Multi-Player Foosball Madness! Fast-Paced action for up to 8 players!
More Players = More Fun! Play 3 or more balls for a scoring frenzy.
8'L x 30"W
(Rabbis not included)


Giant Twister
giant twister game rental for partyflorida game wheel rental
Huge 25'x25' heavy duty twister mat. Mat can be adjusted to smaller sizes. Up to 75 kids can play Simultaneously! Optional 42" game wheel Available

Giant Board Games
florida cocktail hour games
Connect Four- almost 4' tall, 42 discs
Kerplunk- 4' Tower, 24 straws, 30 Cannonballs
Chess or Checkers- Board size apx. 10'x10', 24 pieces. (Each Checker is 10" wide).
Jenga- 58 pieces can be built over 6' high (Game Starts at 3' High).

Sumo Suits
florida sumo suits gameflorida sumo suits game
2 Guests suit up in these foam-filled, padded Sumo Suits. The first sumo wrestler to fall down or step out of the ring will be declared the loser. Includes padded 14' sumo arena mat, padded body, padded mittens, and padded head piece. Sumo suits are hilarious fun to watch as well as play. Includes Attendant, no Electricity required.

florida gyroscope party rental
Designed by NASA, this gyroscope simulates free falling, anti-Gravity and the rolls and tumbles associated with outer space. Get strapped and harnessed in a race-car-Seat while the operator spins you around. Note: Riders Do Not experience motion sickness or dizziness due to the changing directions of the spin which keeps the inner ear fluid balanced.

antigravity game rental
Can you defy gravity? Challenge yourself by sliding the rails apart & together causing the ball to roll down the rails & drop into the holes with the most point value.

Pool Table
florida pool table  rental

Classic Style Billiards pool Table. Comes complete with 2 sticks, balls set, and triangle.
SIZE: 40''W x 78''L x 31''H

Quarterback Toss:
florida football game rental
Includes colorful canvas backdrop (7' x 7'), soft Footballs, and attendant. Back to Games

Baseball Toss
florida baseball game rental
Includes colorful canvas backdrop (7' x 7'), Steel Frame, 6 foam baseballs, and attendant. Back to Games

Golf Challenge
florida golf game rental           
Includes colorful velcro receptive canvas backdrop (7' x 7'), chipping mat, chipping wedge golf club, 12 special weighted, velcro practice golf balls. Optional attendant.

Hockey Shoot Out
florida hockey game rental

Includes colorful canvas backdrop (7' x 7'), steel frame, hockey stick, street hockey pucks, and attendant. Back to Games

Soccer Game
florida soccer game rental
Popular "soccer themed" Rod Hockey style game. Players on either side control all 6 realistic Soccer players for exciting and realistic game play. 2-4 players. Plastic plexi panels around the playing surface keep Soccer balls in place. No electricity required. 44"L x 33"W x 38 1/2"H

Mini Bowling
florida bowling game rental

Players will be "bowled over" by this unique bowling game. Players will have two balls to roll down the lane and knock down all the pins for a strike or a spare. No gutter balls!!!


Roller Bowler
florida bowler roller game
Roller Bowler Game is played by trying to roll the ball with just enough force so that it goes over the hump and stays in the pocket area on the other side. Just when it looks like it is going to stay in the pocket area the ball comes rolling back. Players can't resist the temptation of "just one more roll".

florida carnival game rental


florida arm wrestling game table
All Steel, Heavy-Duty Tournament Level Arm Wrestling Table. Fully Padded with adjustable elbow & pin Pads. Side of table is also padded for hips and chest. Let the Kids see what it's like to arm wrestler on a Tournament Arm Wrestling Table just like the pros! Everyone will want to try it!

florida game wheel rental

Magnetic 42" Prize wheel covered with a Dry Erase Vinyl. Ultimate in versatility, change sections, magnetic faces, write & erase with dry erase markers. Prize Wheel includes 55" base stand, adjustable clicker, rubber tipped pegs, and rubber edge trim. This is a quality Prize Wheel.

florida casino game rental
Kids play for fun so it is not considered gambling.



Pucker Powder / Sandy Candy
pucker powder sandy candy
Kosher Certificate provided upon request.
Includes Attendant, Display, and Sandy Candy containers Included.


Cotton Candy


Popcorn (Kosher Oil is used)


Soft Pretzels (Heated/Humidified Display)

Keepsakes (No electricity)

bead factory
glitter tattoos 


Cocktail Hour Entertainment provides the best in entertainment services for the cocktail hour at your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or other Special Event. Our services are available for just 1 hour or for the entire party.

We provide Casino Tables, Slot Machines, Photo Favors (Photo Novelties), Engraved Dog Tags & Keychains, Caricaturists, Balloon Artists, Strolling Magicians, AirBrush Tattoo Artists, AirBrush Party Favors (AirBrush Shirts, AirBrush Pillows, AirBrush Boxers, AirBrush Hats, etc....), 8 Player Video Game Systems, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Slotless Car Racing Systems (Microreality), Basketball Pop-A-Shot, Football Pass, Air Hockey Tables, Air Dome Hockey, Jeopardy Game System, Giant Twister, Giant Connect Four, Giant Jenga, Wurlitzer style Jukeboxes, Rice Jewelry, Carnival Games, Speed Baseball Pitch with radar Gun, Hermit Crab Races, Money Machines, Big Foot Race, Sumo Suits, Surfboard Simulator, Kid Vid (make your own Music Videos), DanceHeads,Velcro Wall, Skill Cranes, Pucker Powder (Sandy Candy), Dippin Dots, Coldstone Creamery, Cotton Candy Machines, Popcorn Machines, Hot Dog Carts, Soft pretzels, Sno Kones (Snow Cones), Candy Zone, and more fun party options!

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